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The U.S. finally 'longest shutdown'...Take out Trump's 'Emergency Announcement'

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The U.S. government's shutdown of the U.S. federal government, which started due to the budget dispute over the border wall, broke the record. The prospects for a resolution are not bright because neither side of the U.S. president nor the Democratic Party shows willingness to back down or compromise. Attention is drawn to President Trump's call for a national emergency to push ahead with the establishment of the border barrier.

The shutdown of the U.S. federal government began its 23rd day at 0:00 p.m. on Tuesday. During the Bill Clinton administration, he broke the previous record of 21 days (December 16, 1995 - January 5, 1996) due to conflict over budget cuts for social welfare programs. As the Trump administration and opposition parties have no plans to negotiate over the weekend, the shutdown will continue for at least 24 days.

The shutdown, which closed about a quarter of the federal government, has continued for four consecutive weeks, resulting in increased damage. On July 11, the first payday for federal government officials after the shutdown, no pay was given to 800,000 people.

"The Democratic Party should return to Washington and work to end the brutal humanitarian crisis at the southern border," Trump said on Wednesday. "I'm at the White House and I'm ready to sign the agreement," Trump said. "The Democratic Party can solve the shutdown in 15 minutes."

The shutdown began when President Trump refused to sign an spending bill that did not reflect the $5.7 billion budget to set up a border with Mexico on 사설토토April 22. The 116th U.S. Congress, in which the Democratic Party dominated the House of Representatives, was launched after shutting down on Thursday. Democrats cannot afford to allocate any money for the wall and stick to the idea of passing the rest of the budget first, except for the wall budget. However, President Trump is poised to endure, saying, "We will continue to close the government in order to ensure national security."

As the confrontation is prolonged, there are rumors that President Trump may declare a state of national emergency. They say that the government could use the budget of other ministries and mobilize military forces to build a barrier. "The Democratic Party will do everything it can to beat Trump in the 2020 presidential election," Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said in a statement on the previous day. "The president should declare a state of emergency and build a barrier." "The solution is to declare a state of emergency, but not right now," Trump said at a forum on border security held at the White House the previous day. "I want to give the Democratic Party a chance to act responsibly," Fox News said in an interview on Wednesday.

The main opposition Democratic Party has started to come up with measures to prepare for President Trump's announcement of a state of the country. When asked by a journalist whether he was under political pressure from the long-term shutdown, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered, "No. "It is Trump's negotiation to "do what I want," he said, and did not weigh the possibility of resolving the issue through negotiations.

The Washington Post reported that the shutdown will be a year of strong political conflicts between President Trump and the Democratic Party, and an effort to increase the level of pain for each other.

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